Stop People Pleasing Book
is a weight-management solution that marches to the beat of a different drummer. My book will renew your hope and put you onto a unique road to success. First, you will learn how to fix the cause of your overeating: people pleasing. Then I offer a different approach for the physical side of your journey.
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PUTTING ME FIRST – the Seminar! is the venue at which I bring my book to life. Women of all ages come together in the spirit of willingness to fix their old and self-destructive people pleasing problem. They depart with new information, inspired and motivated, confident they will finally become, and remain, the thin and fit women they have always dreamed of being.
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the SISTERHOOD of the Me, Me, Me! Is the support group you can meet with while fixing your people-pleasing problem. Women of all ages gather in their local communities to share personal stories of becoming the self-loving and independent women they need to be to enjoy.
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Here's the place to ask Gail a question, share your experience, support a sister, or get some support yourself. The Sisterhood Clubhouse is where women can draw strength from each other.
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